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ISBN 9788131940976

The Ultimate Workbook for Children 4-5 Years Old

By Pegasus(Author)
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4 - 6 Years


Paperback Book

215 x 280mm

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This book comes with more than 300 activities, carefully designed as per the learning levels. This workbook reinforces classroom learning in an exciting manner. Each page is filled with engaging activities. It covers all topics like alphabet, numbers, sight words, phonics, world around us, things that move, logic, opposites, life skills, Science, colours, fun activities, etc.

More about this series

This series of books is perfect for your kids if you are looking for a hands-on learning technique. This will will help in the development of multiple skills in kids which would benefit them in their future like visual and linguistic skills for sorting, comparing, matching activities, mathematical skills, and much more. The book covers a vast range of topics from English, science to mathematics, colouring, etc. This series of books has colourful illustrations and simple language for engaging kids and make them learn a lot in a playful manner. The activities are well researched and planned in such a manner that kids can try doing them independently. This book is a must-have for kids to develop their brain and relate the activities with their daily routine.


Application Based learning approach

The book has a lot of activities for children to learn about day to day life with concepts like alphabets, pattern, spellings, science and a lot more.


Perfect book for Pre-schoolers

There are 191 interesting activities for pre-schoolers to enjoy, colour, read and learn new concepts and their implementation.


Develop Mental and analytical skills

The book has activities for kids to solve puzzle, number sequencing, coding decoding that makes them use their grey cells and hone their mental and analytical skills.

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