Rights & Co-edition Opportunities

Great Language Publishing Opportunities

Pegasus is a global children book publishing company with over 2000 products in print and sales in over 100 countries. We bring out over 300 new products every year that is almost one product each day of the year.

Pegasus produces Books, Board Games, Puzzles, Gift Products under several brands and licenses.

Why Do Pegasus Products Sell?

All our products including books and puzzles are well written, beautifully illustrated and creatively designed to appeal to children of all ages. With great quality, mass appeal categories and value for money products the sales opportunities that the products offer are huge. We are proud of publishing various bestsellers over a period of time and a lot of our publishing partners have had huge success with our products in their territories.

What is the difference between Rights & Co-Edition?

Rights -      When you just buy the publishing rights of the product and then you produce the product at your own cost and handle all the printing and production concerns.

Co-edition -      When you buy the product in your language at a certain price which includes rights, adaptations and production costs.

Buying Rights & Co-editions

We offer publishing rights of our products in all languages except English. We offer both the opportunity to either buy rights or buy Co-editions. For territories where they have great printing facilities and importing books & games is a concern then one should opt for buying rights. If you like a product and do not wish to get into the hassles of buying rights and then sorting printing and manufacturing concerns buying co-editions is simple and straightforward. Also, we have experienced that the products are cheaper if licensed as co-editions than rights most of the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

A1. Yes, only if the rights/co-edition is not already sold in the same territory.