Using Pegasus & Popcorn products in your school

Most of the renowned school adopt a lot of our products in their curriculum. The huge range
of products that we offer helps in serving the needs of educators.

If you like our books and you are interested in including them in your school library,
classroom library or as a part of a student's kit we would be happy to assist you.
Please fill in the form below and we will connect with you to understand your needs.

Sponsoring School Events & Book Fairs

We work with various schools in sponsoring their events and also hold a variety of book fairs and book clubs for different grades and school levels. Pegasus offers a huge range of books and other fun-learning products which makes it very attractive for teachers and students.

If you are looking for Sponsorships for events or Book Fairs, please fill the below form and our team will be in touch with you shortly.

Curriculum Development to Finished Book

One of our specialisations has been in working closely with preschools in understanding and creating curriculum based on school's pedagogy. We have worked with over 12 school chains in the last few years and have been part of their success story. With expertise in printing we are able to bring tangible products to the table for every school owner.

Our USP has been to develop books from ideas at less than the price the big chain schools would pay for printing alone.

We have a fairly large team of content writers, editors, illustrators & designers who make our task easy. Also our production team helps in getting best quality at the most acceptable price for our customers.

Our value proposition is that we are able to add professionalism & quality to the product and at the same time reduce the total costing of the school by a considerabe amount.

If you are looking for Sponsorships for events or Book Fairs, please fill the below form