Customised School Solutions

Curriculum Designing & Content Development

We have a strong team of over 20 Subject Matter Experts & Editors who have experience in creating content according to the state board syllabus or school’s own pedagogy. We work very closely with school team and owners to ensure secrecy & security of the content. We understand and ensure content always remains the property of the school.

Printing Services to Assembly

A major challenge for schools is to get the product in perfect quality, right price and timely delivery. Being a publisher we understand this pain as much as a school. We have a complete production team to ensure the books are printed in the quality and price expected and also help the schools put all the books for each grade together so they can focus on other more important issues without worrying about pilferage or wastage.

Book Illustrations, Designing & Ready to Print

We understand that sometimes the books or the content are ready but not sure of how to get illustrations done or just simple designing it to acquiring barcodes. With more than 50 years of experience in publishing and a strong team of experts in our design studio we are able to help the school with not just content but all design needs.

Pegasus’ Value Proposition

When a school takes end to end solution from us we ensure that we do the complete solution at the same cost as it would have costed a school to just print with any quality printer. Essentially, we ensure we are able to add professionalism & quality and at the same time reduce the total costing of the school by a considerable amount.

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