Children love playing games and solving puzzles. They wish to spend their day doing all these only. Parents should let kids play as games and puzzles benefit kids. They help in the overall development of children. Besides overall development of children, games and puzzles benefit children in many ways. 

Games for kids: 

There are plenty of games for kids to play. Pegasus is a brand for children books, toys and games. They have indoor games specially for the little ones. The little ones get to play snakes and ladders, ludo, tambola, word games. There are plenty of options for kids to play. There are various benefits of playing these indoor games. The indoor games are generally calm and entertaining. The little ones get to socialise through these games. Such games provide a secure and safe environment to little ones. Board games require a lot of focus and concentration while playing, these games allow kids to develop and nurture their cognitive skills. One could play these games anywhere and anytime. 

Pegasus top games for kids are:

  • 4 in 1 classic games This puzzle is ideal for kids aged 5+ years. The box comes with two double side playing boards, counters, dice, chess pieces, checkers pieces and instruction sheet. 

  • Snake, ladder & ludo 2-1: This is one of the classic games to be played by kids aged 5+ years. This is a premium edition board game for kids. 

  • The game of words: The game of words is a perfect word game for kids. It helps build the vocabulary while maintaining a competitive score. The excitement for the game begins as soon as the racks are up with letters ! The box comes with a board, letters, letter racks and write & wipe score cards. 

Jigsaw puzzles for kids

Pegasus has a wide variety of puzzles to offer for kids. Parents could buy children’s jigsaw puzzles online. The puzzles are really beneficial for kids. Little ones get to spend a great time while playing with puzzles. Puzzles benefit kids in many ways. It helps kids in problem solving, develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, increased attention span and there is a sense of self satisfaction. 

Pegasus famous jigsaw puzzles for kids are:

  • First PuzzlesFirst puzzles could be bought for kids aged 2+ years. This is a 3 piece puzzle set including 6 puzzle sets. The little ones get to know about the ocean world, jobs people do, jungle animals and things that move. 

  • Super PuzzlesSuper Puzzles are 3 piece puzzle sets. The little ones could easily join these pieces to complete the puzzle. 

  • Stick PuzzlesThese puzzles are really easy to use and store, child friendly, engaging and the one which encourages independent learning while enhancing problem-solving skills. This pack of stick puzzles have beautiful images that kids are going to love.