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Just the story books or colouring books are not enough for the development of children. It is really important that kids develop their memory and visual skills too. In order to develop these skills, flashcards and charts play an important role in learning. Both of these flashcards and charts are helpful in learning. 

Flashcards and charts make learning fun for the toddlers. These are an important part of early education. Both flashcards and charts are used to introduce early learning topics to toddlers. 

Flashcards for toddlers

Flashcards are really helpful to teach little ones preschool topics. Topics such as fruits and vegetables, birds and animals, numbers, alphabets, colours, shapes and the human body could be introduced to kids through these flashcards. The perfect age to introduce such flashcards is by the age of 2. Toddlers while playing could be introduced to flashcards. These flashcards make learning fun and play time really interactive. Flashcards promote early learning education to toddlers.  

Pegasus which is a famous children’s book publisher in India has some of the best flashcards for toddlers:

My First FlashcardsThese are basic flashcards that introduce preschool topics to toddlers such as ABC, Simple Maths, Phonics, Opposites, Sight Words and more. There are 36 flash cards in each box. These cards are quite handy and are made up of good quality. 

Charts for toddlers: Charts are an amazing way to introduce early learning concepts to your little ones. They are one of the most widely used learning tools adopted by parents to teach their toddlers. One could hang these charts on the walls, this allows little ones to see clearly and learn better. 

Pegasus has come up with a variety of charts for the little ones. Some of the popular charts among the toddlers are listed below:

Set of 5 Assorted Basic Hindi Charts: There are 5 charts in this combo including counting, alphabets, colours, days of the week and months of the year. These charts are thick laminated educational charts for toddlers. The little ones get prepared for school with these charts. 

Set of 5 Assorted Basic Biology Charts: With these charts little ones get to know about the human body systems such as Circulatory System, Digestive System, Muscular System, Nervous System, Respiratory System and Skeletal System. 

Set of 5 Assorted Primary ChartsThese charts introduce kids to good habits, good manners, numbers, fruits and vegetables and jobs people do. The charts have vibrant images with accurate word labels to help kids absorb information faster. These charts make learning fun and interactive. 

Jumbo ChartsThese are big sized charts for the little ones. The charts have real and big images. The benefit of these charts is that they can be easily pasted to walls and will make a great decorative piece in your child’s room.