Career Opportunities

People spend ⅓ of their lives at the workplace. We believe we contribute a great deal in the quality of life of our people. We are proud to have provided a very constructive work environment where people have the freedom to grow and work at their pace.

Some Reasons to work at Pegasus

Great Perks

It's just not about the pay but much beyond that. Our people enjoy several great perks from interest free loans in case of emergency to gratuities. We believe these are small incentives to keep everyone valued.

Happy Workplace, Happy Life

We have a very family driven environment where all are respected and valued equally no matter what race, religion or gender they belong to. We value each and every person’s contribution to the company and we all grow if we have a common goal.

Creativity, Ownership & Freedom

We are an independent company and so there is a lot of potential for everyone to show and hone their skills and talent. We encourage ownership attitude and transparency in working.

Greater Cause

Our products make an impact in children’s lives. We believe in educating children with the latest and most creative methodologies. Our books make a great impact in people’s lives and we also believe in the saying - Grow with Books

Internships and Job Experience

If you are just out of college or looking at trying your hand in publishing, we would be happy to play a role in your career finding path. We offer easy working schedules to work with our team and learn and understand the processes of publishing. If you are interested in the same, you may please write to us at [email protected]