Top 10 return gift ideas for kids aged 2-4 years

Top 10 return gift ideas for kids aged 2-4 years

Hosting a party and worried about return gifts? We are here to help you choose the perfect return gifts for the little ones. There are plenty of options to choose from, be it a pencil box, lunch box, water bottle or toy. Have you ever thought of gifting something which might help them in their education? Try gifting them books or puzzles. Kids love to play with puzzles. They could spend hours playing with the puzzle pieces. When talking about books there are a variety of books to look at. There are early learning books, workbooks, colouring books, activity books and much more. The options are endless ! 


Choosing a return gift is really not easy. You have to look at your budget and the age group too. Here we have listed top 10 return gift ideas for kids aged 2-4 years. There are numerous book publishers in India. Pegasus is one of them which is quite famous among the parents and children. They have an amazing collection of books, toys and puzzles for little ones. 


The top 10 return gift ideas for kids aged 2-4 years are:


  1. Stick puzzles:


Kids really enjoy playing with puzzle pieces. They love to find the missing piece and complete the puzzle. But this Stick Puzzle is something really different from those traditional puzzle pieces. In this stick puzzle there are 6 puzzles with 18 sticks. The most amazing part of these puzzles is that kids get to make two puzzles from 6 sticks on both the sides. These puzzles are theme based puzzles which prove to be great return gifts for kids. The kids get to learn colour, shape and pattern recognition. 


  1. Super puzzles:


Inviting kids aged 2 years and above for your child’s birthday party and looking out for the perfect return gift options for them. Then these supper puzzles are a great gift. These puzzles allow kids to make 3 different puzzles. One with a 4 piece puzzle, another with a 5 piece puzzle and the other with a 6 piece puzzle. These puzzles help kids to develop motor skills, problem solving skills, concentration skills, hand-eye coordination and more. There are 8 different puzzles for kids and all of them are theme based puzzles. The titles of puzzles in the series are animals, baby animals, fruits, jobs people do, ocean world, space, things that move and things at home. 


  1. Ready to write:


Besides puzzles one could even think of gifting books as return gifts for kids. These ready to write books are a series of workbooks for kids aged 2 years and above. The workbooks introduce topics that help children in preparing for school. These are writing books based on different topics. The books are die cut books with foil covers. Kids get to practice in these workbooks. The titles in the series are capital letters, small letters, capital and small letters, numbers (1-20), numbers (1-50), numbers (1-100), colouring activity 1, colouring activity 2 and pattern writing. 


  1. Animals:


These are die cut books for toddlers. The little ones get to know about various animals from this series of books. The books are an ideal return gift option for kids aged 2 years. These are board books for kids. The titles in the series are bear, cat, dino, dog, monkey, elephant, lion, flamingo and penguin. 


  1. Things that move:


These books are again ideal for gifting 2 years old kids. Things that move is a series of 8 books based on different modes of transport that we use. The titles in the series are aircraft, ambulance, bus, car, fire engine, police, train and truck. The books are die-cut books which are board books for little ones. The books come in combo also which is a perfect return gift for kids. 


  1. First Questions & Answers


We often see kids being very curious and asking so many questions. You may get tired answering them but they won’t ever get tired of asking you questions. To answer their questions this series of books have been introduced. First questions & answers is a series of four books about Animals & Birds, Human Body, Nature and Things at home. Various questions are answered based on these particular themes of the books. These books are board books for little ones. 


  1. My First Learning Bag


Learning bags always provide an amazing experience to kids. These bags make learning quite interactive for the little learners. Each bag comes with 10 activities books in it. The bags are based on 4 different themes: My first Learning Preschool Bag, My first Learning Reading Bag, My first Learning Activity Bag and My first Learning Colouring Bag. These first learning bags prepare little ones for school. 


  1. Wipe & Clean Workbooks


Wipe and clean books provide a great learning experience to kids. They get to learn and practice a lot from these books. The wipe and clean books make learning fun and entertaining for kids. The books in the series are about lower alphabets, first words, numbers 1-10, my town, simple addition, simple subtraction, simple phonics, sight words and others. 


  1. My Ultimate Practice Workbook


This is a series of 6 workbooks for little ones to get ready for school. These books help kids with writing, knowing about phonics and sight words. These are the basics that kids should be aware of before they go to school. The titles are my ultimate cursive writing practice workbook, my ultimate handwriting practice workbook, my ultimate phonics practice workbook, my ultimate sight words practice workbook, my ultimate sight words & sentences and my ultimate phonic letters and word sounds. 


  1. My First Flashcards


Flashcards make learning fun and educational. They prove to be the perfect learning aid for toddlers and help them to grow through play. My first flashcards introduce early learning topics to little ones. 


These are some of the most picked return gifts for kids. Parents could choose any of the return gifts for their children. 


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