Top 10 activity books for kids

Top 10 activity books for kids

Activity books are good to keep kids indulged in for a long duration. Kids get to acquire various skills from the activity books. Pegasus is a very famous children’s book publisher. They have a variety of books for children aged 0-12 years old from early learning books to workbooks to colouring books to story books. They have activity books for kids too. 


Here is a list of top 10 activity books for kids from Pegasus:


  1. My first activity bag


Getting all the things in one bag is a pleasure for little ones. They love to have all the books in one bag! This series introduces the 10 different activity books for kids in each bag. There are four such activity bags: my early learning activity bag, my ultimate activity bag, my preschool activity bag and my favourite activity bag. These bags are ideal for kids aged 2 years and above. The best thing about these bags is that kids could easily carry these bags along with them. These bags are perfect to start little ones’ learning journey. My first activity bags prepare them for school. 


  1. 100  activities to learn more about


Keeping kids busy and occupied for hours is really not an easy task to perform. Along with this it is important that kids enjoy what they are doing. To make all this happen, this series of activity books for kids are introduced for age groups 4 years and above. The books contain more than different activities for little ones. There are 8 such activities books for kids in the series. The books are related to the human body, maths, nature, plants and trees, animals and birds, science, space and transport. 


  1. Write, wipe and clean


The write and wipe books are most loved by kids. They find such books very interesting. This series of books are write and wipe books where kids get to write and clean. The books are reusable books and they come along with the pens. There are 8 different activity books for kids in this series. The books in the series are brain booster, dot to dot, first activity, first drawing, first puzzle, look and find, mazes and spot the difference. 


  1. Basic skills


Children should be aware of the basic skills. There are various skills that should be taught to kids in their early years only. They should be aware of them. The kids could get knowledge about such basic skills with the help of these activities books. There are 8 skills introduced in this series. The books in the series are colouring, cutting, matching, mazes, pasting, patterns, sorting and tracing. These books help kids with developing fine motor skills. Easy and simple activities are introduced in these books. 


  1. Sticker fun


Sticker books are really fun. Kids love to play with stickers. It keeps them occupied and entertained for long hours. This series of books are stickers books which are good for kids aged 3 years and above. Parents could also buy a pack of these books where 8 books come in one single pack. Kids could enjoy all 8 books in one pack. All they require to do is just tear off the stickers given in the books and paste them along the dotted lines. Each book contains more than 100 stickers for children. There are four books based on alphabets, numbers, things that move and shapes and opposites. 


  1. My activity bag


These are very cute activity bag shaped activity books for kids. The little ones could easily carry these books along with them. There are different activities in each book. The books come with press-out stickers with foil covers. The four books in the series are my car activity bag, my dinosaur activity bag, my fun activity bag and my princess activity bag. These books are good to be introduced to your child aged 3 years and above. 


  1. Dot to dot


This is a series of 4 activity books for kids aged 3 years. The books come with numbers in all the pages. There are dots which little ones have to connect as per the numbers mentioned in the books. Image is completed after joining the dots. These books are level based books. Parents could buy these books as per the level of understanding of their child. The cover of each book is beautifully illustrated. 


  1. Word search


Word search is one of the most amazing activities for children. There are plenty of benefits associated with this activity book for kids. Word search provides kids with hours of educational entertainment. It improves their vocabulary. Completing the word search helps kids to come across new words and they get to learn new spellings too. This is one of the appropriate ways for kids to socialise with friends and family. They get to bond with each other. Word search helps kids with problem solving. 


  1. Mazes


Mazes are something which make kids curious. It helps in sharpening their memory. Practicing mazes benefit kids in many ways. It improves their motor skills, develops visual skills, helps them with problem solving skills, builds confidence and patience in them. This book based on mazes is good for kids aged 3 years and above. With mazes kids are able to recognise various patterns too. 


  1. Jumbo books


This is a series of 6 different books in which 4 of them are colouring books and 2 are activity books for kids. These activity books are for kids aged 3 years. The two books are level based books for children. Kids get to do a lot of different activities in these books. 


These are some of the activity books that one could have a look at. These books are high in demand these days. Parents are interested in buying these books for their children. Activity books help in the overall development of a child, be it mentally or emotionally. These activity books for kids could serve as a great gifting option to them.



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