How important are indoor games?

How important are indoor games?

Indoor games are not just limited to playing video games. It’s much more than that. It may involve art and craft or playing board games, puzzles or blocks. When it comes to outdoor games, no one questions it. But indoor games are always under scrutiny. As people have a belief that indoor games don't make you fit. There is no physical exercise involved in any of the indoor games. But there are several other advantages of indoor games that can’t be neglected.

Apart from this pandemic where social distancing is the new normal, there have been plenty of reasons in our surrounding that supports indoor games for children. There are various other factors as well, such as lack of open play areas and rise of pollution due to which many parents are preferring their kids to play indoor games.

Out of all the outdoor games, board games remain at the top and have always been a favourite pastime in every household. Some of the most popular board games are Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Scrabble, Cards and many more.

Board games like Ludo, Snakes and ladder not only entertain us but there are several other benefits too. Some of them are:

Builds Communication Skills: Board games help because while playing, we talk about the game and conversations about broader topics often develop from there. Children who struggle to communicate in normal situations often open up and become incredibly chatty when they’re playing board games.

Improves Concentration: Ludo is a game that requires focus and concentration. Your just one negligent move can risk your chance of winning the game. Hence, it requires a lot of alertness during the game. Thus, in turn, ludo helps in improving concentration power and helps in staying attentive for a longer duration.

Enhances Problem Solving Approach: Problem solving skills are important in all areas of life. Board games encourage kids to solve real problems in real life scenarios. Most tabletop games require the kids to analyse a problem, figure out all its elements and then find a workable solution.

Strengthen Family Ties: It was the most amazing feeling to sit and play with your family. But due to our busy schedule, it has become quite difficult to spend time together. Yet playing board games after a family dinner is one excellent way to get together and strengthen your family bond.

Reduces Stress and Creates Happiness: Board games allow us to relax and stay calm. Playing these games eases out our stress and automatically brings out happiness. Thus, these games result in an enjoyable experience and fun.  

Brings out a shift in Screen Time: Kids these days are occupied with playing video games, watching television or scrolling mobile phones. They are glued to the screen for long hours. This can lead to obesity, insufficient sleep, anxiety and depression. But these board games allow the parents to limit their child’s screen time and spend more time playing with their family or friends.

Builds Confidence: Board games not only just socialise you, but they help in building up confidence. While playing ludo, snakes and ladder, they allow us to make our own decisions. Coming up with your own decisions helps in boosting up the morale and confidence in you.  

Teach children to follow instructions: When children play board games, they have to listen to instructions, digest them and then figure out what to do. They learn to deal with the boundaries and restrictions and find ways to work within them.

The best thing about board games is that there are no restrictions on them. One can play them anytime and anywhere with much ease. There are a variety of board games available, one can choose and play as per their interest and mood.

Pegasus also introduces some of the very interesting and fun board games for the children that could be played with family and enjoyed a lot. There are a wide range of board games for the little ones from 4 in 1 classic games to snake & ladder & ludo to game of words and much more. 


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