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By Vipasha

Are your kids getting bored with virtual classes? Activity books can ease their boredom.

The COVID- 19 pandemic has made virtual classes a new pattern for teaching. The students just have to attend their classes on Microsoft Team or Zoom. But attending classes all day long becomes too boring and tiring for kids. Due to this pandemic they can’t even go outside to play and parents can’t let their children watch television or play games on television throughout the day.  So to ease this boredom and make learning and playing fun at home. The activity books are a great option. Parents should bring activity books for their children and see how much they enjoy it.

There are plenty of activities that are there in such books. Some of the activities are listed as below:

  • Finger print books: Such sort of activity helps in developing colouring efficiency in kids and improves their awareness about shapes. It develops their fine motor skills and expands their creativity skills.

  • Number and counting: Such activities help toddlers to recognize and memorise the numbers. This prepares them for more advanced mathematical theories that they have to learn afterwards.

  • Dot to dots: This sort of activity helps children to get familiar with various concepts like shapes, numbers, letters, what comes after, what comes before and many more. In this activity, the kids have to join the dots as given to them in any way either by number or any other as mentioned above.

  • Find the differences: This kind of activity helps in visual recognition. Nothing much has to be done in this kind of activity. One only has to spot what is different from the rest. This helps in improving their concentration and attentiveness that is required at the school level.

  • Mazes: This activity helps kids in building their strategizing power. They are able to strategize and find ways to come out from various problems in their life. This helps in expanding their problem solving skills.

  • Tracing: It helps in improving fine motor skills and improves the hand writing as well. The kids get familiar with letters and numbers. They are able to write them properly. All they have to do is trace the letter or any number and it’s done.

All these activities are almost there in every activity book. Parents could find the suitable book for their little ones. It helps them in their overall growth. Pegasus’s My Ultimate Activity Bag is an ideal option for your little one. This bag comes with 10 books in it. All the books are filled with plenty of activities for your kids. The set perfectly focuses on building skills such as pen control, learning letters and numbers, identifying colours, shapes & sizes and much more in a play-way learning method. This makes learning through fun. Kids really enjoy doing various activities in these books.

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